Accelerating the Design Revolution

7 September 2017

With design taking the driving seat in industrial manufacturing, it is imperative for companies to understand the upcoming Design Revolution. Design can and should be a careful, calibrated approach that seeks to solve problems before they arise, or used in different ways to achieve business scale, sustainability or flexibility. To accelerate this design revolution, we will need to cultivate a more design centric environment and use design to drive manufacturing strategy.

In this month’s webinar, find out what this Design Revolution will look and feel like, and how Design & Optimization plays a crucial part in each department from sales, marketing to logistics and how design software can be improved to increase interconnectivity and flexibility for 3D Printing. We will also discuss on People being the key driver of the design revolution and how we can tap on them to create new opportunities for business and growth!

Accelerating the Design Revolution

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3D Printing for FMCG companies – cheaper, faster, better!

2 November 2017

FMCG companies face ever tougher demands to be faster, safer, cheaper and yet more innovative. 3D printing can help accelerate new product design, speed up production and squeeze more out of current factories as well as offer short run customised packaging for special projects. Today, food printing and rapid prototyping for various FMCG products such as household items and fashion apparel are commonplace. And industry efforts are underway to soon print human tissue to improve on the accuracy of product testing!

This month’s webinar focuses on how 3D printing can help revolutionize the FMCG business by leveraging on new 3D printing technologies across their entire manufacturing chain – from production and warehousing, to retail displays and packaging designs.

3D Printing for FMCG companies - cheaper, faster, better!

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