Offshore & Maritime

Additive manufacturing is a game changer for the oil and gas industry. The mix of 100% customization, local printing and fast turnaround are a perfect fit for an industry driven by tight delivery timeframes, remote and offshore locations, constrained supply chains and very often, the requirement of unique parts for each new installation.

Early movers such as GE Oil & Gas and Maersk Lines are already seeing the benefits in reducing product cycle times, lower and more flexible spare parts cost and delivery.

The key questions now are where will innovation strike next and how ready is your company to take advantage?

3D printing can help the maritime, marine and offshore industry in multiple ways, including:

  • Improving spare parts manufacturing, particularly those that are getting obsolete or difficult to source/deliver
  • Rapid prototyping of parts for new installations or retrofitting projects
  • Replicating scale ship, rig or equipment models with detailed features
  • Smoothening work flow and planning
  • Speeding up performance testing
  • Minimizing errors in new product development
  • Reduction of warehousing space and costs with on-demand local printing

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Equipment Models

Your masterpiece should be as real as it can be.

  • Impress your customers with a stunningly accurate 3D model of your new vessel
  • Showcase intricate design details through a durable replica that traditional model-making cannot achieve

Rapid Prototypes

Get faster and more accurate product mock-ups at a fraction of the cost.

  • Choose from a wide range of materials such as sandstone, nylon, metal – with full vibrant colours to transform your idea to a tangible product, 100% true to scale
  • Test for assurance before committing to a full production run
  • Perfect for interactive sales demonstrations, particularly with the use of movable or detachable 3D printed components

Small Batch Productions

3D printing is a perfect answer to lower MOQ production runs.

  • Cost-effective manufacturing for production runs up to a few hundred pieces
  • Support for customized production runs allowing cost-effective small batch production
  • Seamless integration into the entire manufacturing value chain with quick tooling and bridge-manufacturing technique for low volume, precision-based projects

Reduce Material Costs

Minimize waste and optimize the use of expensive material. Enhance performance at the same time through improved design and unique 3D printing attributes such as interior honey-combing and design optimization.

Performance Testing

Ready for the test, ready for the market.

  • Print accurate hulls, rudders, propellers and top sides to facilitate water tank testing of new designs
  • Benefit from reduced production time, cost-savings, precision and durability from these high-performing test gauges and calibration tools

Spares & Obsolescence Management

Extend the lifespan of older equipment by printing obsolete parts that are no longer available from the original manufacturer.

  • Reverse engineer from original or custom design to print obsolete or long lead time parts, significantly reducing equipment downtime
  • Improve performance of spares by redesigning them to be made lighter or fine-tune specifications for better mechanical performance

On-demand printing at point of need

Save time by printing at sea or in the port or yard.

  • Design and print specialist equipment, fit for purpose tools or spare parts, as and when needed – on board ships, vessels or at ports
  • Print in specialty lightweight materials such as titanium, or redesign to save weight and enhance performance

Retrofit Installed Equipment

Address problems post-manufacturing and installation.

  • Fix defects in original equipment or upgrade for safety requirements and new regulations through add-on components and highly customized parts