Technologies are changing and expanding every second. 3D Printing helps support the exponential growth of usable data and connectivity with faster prototyping, making IOT (Internet of Things) a reality for millions of people.

From creating functional and wearable technology to making highly customizable, high value/low volume manufacturing products, additive manufacturing is a cost-effective solution for multiple infocomm and digital applications including peripheral device support and Virtual Reality(VR) applications.

What can 3D printing do for you?

  • Create faster and more accurate prototypes to speed up new product launches and time-to-market
  • Support local DIY connectivity for people and things (IOT)
  • Make wearable technology a reality
  • Create high quality models with detailed features
  • Perfect for high value/low volume customizable production

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Wearable Technologies

Customised wearable technology fit for the wearer and integrating the newest innovations in AR, VR and IOT.

3D printing can create customisable items to give real high end performance to wearable tech such as IOT gloves or iPhone goggles.

High Quality Models to Emphasise Your Products Features

Impress customers with stunningly accurate 3D scale model of new products. Our models bring out the best replicas with intricate designs and details that traditional model making cannot achieve.

Customisable High Value /Low Volume End Use Production

For industries such as robotics, satellites and drones where low volume high value parts are needed quickly for customised solutions for customers, 3D printing is the ideal technology. We can now print in carbon fibre, Kevlar and fibreglass.

Fast and Accurate Prototypes

Quickly turning concept drawings into functional prototypes. Moving from sketch to consumer testing ready prototype in a matter of days and weeks.

IOT (Internet of Things) Customisation

Creating IOT using 3D Printing technology. 3D printing can help integrate older equipment into the new IOT world by customising new parts to connect to old equipment.