3D Printing opens up a new world of possibilities

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Lead your industry with the benefits of 3D printing

According to the 2016 Gartner annual report, 75% of manufacturing operations worldwide will be using 3D printed tools, jigs and fixtures to produce finished goods by the year 2020.

Convince and persuade your potential customers with a realistic rendition of what they can expect, or increase sales conversion with scaled models and realistic product demos.

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Building & Architecture

3D printing is perfect for construction planning or for reviewing alignment, access and constructability of sub-segments before actual production.  Create true-to-scale models or quickly reflect design changes and iterations to align owners and clients.

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Engineering & Manufacturing

Be it prototyping, pilot production, actual manufacturing or after-market needs, 3D Matters has the answer to help you overcome operational challenges, capture new market opportunities, streamline your supply chain and increase overall competitiveness through 3D printing.

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From creating functional and wearable technology to making highly customizable, high value/low volume manufacturing products, additive manufacturing is a cost-effective solution for multiple infocomm and digital applications including peripheral device support and VR applications.

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Offshore & Maritime

The mix of 100% customization, local printing and fast turnaround are a perfect fit for this highly competitive industry driven by tight delivery timeframes, remote and offshore locations, constrained supply chains and very often, the requirement of unique parts for each new installation.

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Spares & Obsolete Parts

Extend the life span of older equipment by printing obsolete parts that are no longer available from the original manufacturer and reduce logistics costs in storage and transportation by printing locally, and on-demand.

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