Engineering & Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the engineering and manufacturing sectors with its mix of rapid prototyping, small 100% customizable production runs and ability to create new innovative designs. Early industry movers such as GE and Ford are already seeing immense benefits in reducing product cycle times, superior designs offering reduced weight and increased durability.

Be it prototyping, pilot production, actual manufacturing or after-market needs, 3D Matters has the answer to helping you boost productivity and competitiveness through 3D printing. By overcoming operational challenges and/or capturing new opportunities, we can help you keep increase margins and keep maintenance costs low for the long-term.

Key benefits of 3D printing for engineering, precision engineering and manufacturing companies:

  • Improve Equipment Uptime
  • Reduce production costs with low cost production runs
  • Boost product complexity and performance
  • Achieve faster speed-to-market with rapid prototyping and reduced tooling time
  • Reduce overall logistics costs in storage and transportation

Please refer to our brochure for more information or visit our section on ‘Spares & Obsolescence Management‘ for further information

Spares and Obsolescence Management

Extend the lifespan of older equipment by printing obsolete parts that are no longer available from the original manufacturer.

  • Reverse engineer from original or custom design to print obsolete or long lead time parts
  • Improve the performance of spare parts by redesigning them to be made lighter or have their technical specifications fine-tuned for better mechanical performance

Small Batch Productions

3D printing is a perfect answer to lower MOQ production runs.

  • Cost-effective manufacturing for production runs up to a few hundred pieces
  • Support for customized production runs allowing cost-effective small batch production
  • Seamless integration into the entire manufacturing value chain with quick tooling and bridge-manufacturing technique for low volume, precision-based projects

Reduce Material Costs

Minimize waste and optimize the use of expensive material. Enhance performance at the same time through improved design and unique 3D printing attributes such as interior honey-combing and design optimization.

Faster Product Mock-ups

Get your product to market faster with speedier and more accurate prototyping.

  • Convert your design ideas straight from digital format to a physical form within days
  • Test for assurance before committing to a full production run
  • Print multiple iterations to identify and remove errors before production

Manufacturing Aids

Further innovate your manufacturing process to reduce production lead time, especially for short production runs.

  • Reduce speed-to-market with faster injection mold negatives and wax patterns for casting
  • Enhance machine uptime with faster creation of molds and wax patterns
  • Reduce errors with custom made jigs and guides

Build-to-order Tools

Design custom-made tools to handle specialist equipment or improve workplace HSE.

  • Design and print tools exactly fit for purpose for new, old or specialist equipment or circumstances
  • Print in specialty lightweight materials such as titanium, or redesign to save weight and improve tool performance

Retrofit Installed Equipment

With 3D printing, it is easier than ever to address problems post-manufacturing and installation. Fix defects in original equipment or upgrade for safety requirements and new regulations through add-on components and highly customized parts.