“…by enabling a machine to produce objects of any shape, on the spot and as needed, 3-D printing really is ushering in a new era.” Harvard Business Review March 2013

Because we are 3D printers and designers ourselves, we understand the enormous potential (and challenges) 3D printing is bringing to the global market place.

3-D printing, or additive manufacturing, is rapidly moving from a niche market and becoming a viable alternative to conventional manufacturing processes. This will lead to profound changes in the way many things are designed, developed, produced, and supported. These changes are coming quickly. For example, the US hearing aid industry converted to additive manufacturing in 500 days. According to an industry CEO, not one firm that stayed with traditional manufacturing survived.

Our experience shows us that companies should be preparing for:

  • Faster product development cycles often driven from the front line rather than HQ – for example, multiple prototyping cycles can now be achieved in the time that a single cycle used to take
  • More localised manufacturing footprint driven by 100% customisation and virtually flat unit costs
  • More power to front line profit centres. The full power of additive printing to unleash local customer centred printing is only just starting to be understood
  • New requirements for capabilities and training in new production technologies as well as new ways to serve customers
  • Preparing for new disruptive competitors – for example, Maersk printing spare parts on board its ships will radically change the traditional port services industry
We offer a full range of consulting and diagnostic services including
  • Helping you develop a fully fledged additive printing strategy
  • Identifying and helping you capture productivity gains
  • Diagnosing the status of your 3D printing needs, opportunities and challenges

Our consulting service is led by our CEO, Matthew Waterhouse who has over 20 years in top level management consulting and industry and is supported by experts in materials supply chain, design and marketing.