Advertising & Promotions

As they always say, “the medium is the message”.
3D printing captures the imagination of people through turning ideas and concepts into tangible products. Convince and persuade your potential customers with a realistic rendition of what they can expect, or increase sales conversion with realistic models and product demonstrations.

Talk to us today to discover more on how 3D Printing can help you reinforce your branding messages, as well as win business pitches and design awards.

Key benefits of incorporating 3D Printing into advertising, promotion and marketing communications:

  • Expedite proof-of-concepts and approvals through better visualization
  • Lightning fast implementation and production of customized gifts and collaterals, compared to traditional corporate gift sourcing and procurement
  • Providing a “Wow” factor to clients or clients’ end customers
  • Be seen as leveraging

Please refer to our brochure or here for more information.

3-Dimensional mock ups for branding or rebranding projects

Unique VIP gifts or event collateral that can be fully customized

Fast and accurate scale models for client’s visualization

Awards, trophies or plaques that are specially designed from scratch

Personalized keepsakes or tokens of appreciation for teammates or customers

Realistic replicas to commemorate special milestones such as facility openings or product launches